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Wheel Alignments

Wheel Alignment in Menasha, WI

Does Your Car Need An Alignment?

Yes. All vehicles should have the alignment checked when new tires are installed. For motorists who live in areas with four seasons and pot hole riddled roads, like Wisconsin, we recommend scheduling an annual alignment check every year.

Misalignment can cost you more money over time than getting it fixed. This is because your tires wear at an increased rate or unevenly, so you won't get the mileage you paid for when you purchased them.

At Van Zeeland's Auto Care Centers, we use the Hunter Alignment System to realign your tires. This state-of-the-art system makes alignment corrections fast and accurately, so you spend less time waiting.

My Steering Wheel is Straight & My Car Doesn't Pull to the Side - Do I Still Need an Alignment Check?

You won't always notice when your tires aren't aligned. While a crooked steering wheel or a car that pulls noticeably to one side are indicators of alignment problems, these signs don't always need to be present. How can the car track straight if the alignment is out?  This occurs when both the left and right side of the car are out of alignment by similar amounts and you won't experience traditional problems like a crooked wheel.  However, your tires will still wear at a faster rate, as will your suspension parts.

That's why it's recommended you ask for an alignment check regularly and especially when installing new tires.

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Alignment Benefits

There are several benefits to correcting alignment issues, including:

    Longer tire life: Wheel alignments are an adjustment of your suspension, specifically the angles that determine how tires are positioned and pointed when installed on your vehicle. For tires to get the longest life, they should be pointed so they aren't scrubbing against the road or being pulled by the other tires. This can happen from hitting a pot hole hard or from suspension parts worn with time and use. Imagine if one tire is slightly pointed to the left while the others are pointing straight ahead. You paid good money for your tires. Make sure you're getting the mileage you expect.

    Safer vehicle stability and handling: Misalignment can cause handling problems. If you find yourself fighting the steering wheel to stay straight in your lane, then you'll want to have an alignment check.

    Improved fuel efficiency: Your tires play an important role in fuel economy. When out of alignment, tires drag. This results in decreased fuel efficiency.  A simple wheel alignment can help your tires and your wallet.

    Less suspension wear: Misalignment adds additional stress on your suspension system. While rapid tire wear is what you're likely to notice first, your suspension parts also take a hit in the longevity department. If you're interested in getting the longest life out of your vehicle and avoiding problems down the road, then you'll want to keep your vehicle aligned.

With the conditions of our roads deteriorating from the changing Wisconsin seasons your alignment should be checked yearly.

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